"our poetry now is the realization that we possess nothing...

... anything, therefore, is a delight..." - john cage


slp is a poet, songwriter, musician, and educator living in Colorado, who can be found vaguely under-promoting her first studio album widow’s daughter or hermetteing with her Smith-Corona typewriter and her melancholia. Her manuscripts have been finalists multiple times for the Ahsahta Sawtooth Prize, as well as the Ashahta, Slope, and Gazing Grains Chapbook Prizes. You may find more of her work in the Taggart tribute at Jacket2, Better: Literature & Culture, Denver Quarterly, Bear Review, and in miniature from Gazing Grains. She lived with a dog named Fred.

slp is a classical, folk, and jazz musician.

with a love for riot grrl and 70's NY punk, Edith Piaf and Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin and Patti Griffin.

a vocalist, rhythm and folk guitarist, alto and baritone saxophonist, slp also plays piano for Presbyterians.

slp has sung harmonies and played cello on local albums and is available for shows and studio time.

you can hear some of slp's songs on  reverbnation  or through this button ----> if you imagine the arrow pointing down

slp teaches composition, literature, and creative writing at Colorado State University, and also writes disability ethnographies with colleague and life witness Dr. Aubry Threlkeld. 

after years of work in poetry, comparative literature, and music, slp developed critical theories on prosody based on the model of ethnomusicology. essays are forthcoming and slp will teach a Poetry, Music, Rhythm capstone class on the topic in 2018-2019.