- up-tempo emo & lackadaisical punk -

In solo sets, maudlyn monroe hits the stage with an up-tempo emo feel—an electrified mix of "jazz Manouche" folk and NY 70's-inspired lackadaisical punk. maudlyn monroe's voice, with its three octave range, has been called "angelic" and "soulful", "bird-like" and "desperate", and lends to quiet folk contemplation, shocking soul, and raw punk sounds. 

“4 out of 5 stars..."widow’s daughter" finds the balance between old-timey and contemporary tracks...”
- Brian F. Johnson - The Marquee

I was glued...Sarah commands the mic as an Emiliana Torrini would, and not with a soulful shyness, but a soulful propensity like she doesn't have any other way. She is strong and efficient...She is fearless on stage...I can tell she believes it.’  
- Miles Love


what I know

from widow's daughter

slp covers Lara Ruggles

"Don't Worry" feat. Trout Santa & a painting of a cake

“Sarah Louise Pieplow from Colorado is surely my kind of artist. Edgy and powerful, aggressive and then sweet, with constant and complete control over her performance. Sarah was a hit and if she finds her way back to Boston we’ll book her for sure!”
Tom Bianchi - The Backstage Beat

“Voluptuous and intense, with a spectacular vocal range...sarah louise pieplow (slp) scintillates and charms.”

- Guy Errickson - Colorado Music Buzz


The Law and the Lonesome

by Jonathan Byrd — KRFC Live at Lunch


all I want

greedy pushy needy EP - rough cuts from a basement


slp's album widow's daughter is available online through CD Baby and will be playing on Spotify playlists in the upcoming days. 

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