MaudLyn Monroe—up-tempo emo & lackadasical punk-folk cabaret

 After a medical hiatus starting in 2012, slp is returning to the Colorado music scene as MaudLyn Monroe, with a certain up-tempo emo of the electrified punky/folky singersongwritery & cabaret sort that embraces both her favorite genres of music AND her second-most common post-show comment (compliment?): "You have so many emotions."

If only they knew how right they were.

I was glued...Sarah commands the mic as an Emiliana Torrini would, and not with a soulful shyness, but a soulful propensity like she doesn't have any other way. She is strong and efficient...She is fearless on stage...I can tell she believes it.’  
- Miles Love

Maudlyn Monroe, by slp

MaudLyn Monroe hits the stage with an up-tempo emo feel—an electrified mix of "jazz Manouche" folk and NY 70's-inspired lackadaisical punk. MM's voice, with its three octave range, has been called "angelic" and "soulful", "bird-like" and "desperate", and lends to quiet folk contemplation, shocking soul, and raw punk sounds.  Sincere, striking songs, subtly-crafted lyrics, and charismatic performances of originals and jazz standards have won stage time in Colorado, Texas, New York, Vermont, South Dakota, and Minnesota; on stages at the Lyons Folks Fest, Fort Collins' New West Fest and FoCoMX; at the Mercury Café, BKLYN's Trash Bar and Boston's Lizard Lounge (under previous moniker slp).  She has worked the Front Range as a studio musician, and has shared the stage with Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Raina Rose, Danny Shafer, Ramaya Soskin and Alexis Pastuhov.    


MM has the delightful distinction of being joined by sometimes-band-member, von Hodads frontman and Kansas City Blues guitarist Abe Haddad, whom she also also joins on bari sax and electric guitar in 4-5 piece 50's & surf rock band the von Hodads.

slp's studio album Widow’s daughter was released in June 2011 to strong reviews in Colorado Music Buzz and the Marquee; the opening track "Nevertheless, Love" spent 7 weeks on the Indie Radio Top Ten Countdown, reaching number 3.

'At its best, it is easy to envision slp's voice coming from an antique radio.' 

-Brian F. Johnson - The Marquee


slp's album widow's daughter is available online through CD Baby and will be playing on Spotify playlists in the upcoming days. 

what I know

from widow's daughter

slp covers Lara Ruggles

"Don't Worry" feat. Trout Santa & a painting of a cake

“Sarah Louise Pieplow from Colorado is surely my kind of artist. Edgy and powerful, aggressive and then sweet, with constant and complete control over her performance. Sarah was a hit and if she finds her way back to Boston we’ll book her for sure!”
Tom Bianchi - The Backstage Beat

all I want

greedy pushy needy EP - rough cuts from a basement

free world/filthy mouth

greedy pushy needy EP - rough cuts from a basement 

“Voluptuous and intense, with a spectacular vocal range...sarah louise pieplow (slp) scintillates and charms.”

- Guy Errickson - Colorado Music Buzz


w/ Lara Ruggles — KRFC Live at Lunch 

midnight wind

w/ Lara Ruggles & Greg Schochet — KRFC Live at Lunch

“...away from the stage where it was quieter, people spoke of her as if they'd seen a ghost...She swayed in front of the microphone with that grand guitar and when voices muttered they said, "wow."”

- Miles Love

The Law and the Lonesome

by Jonathan Byrd — KRFC Live at Lunch

love and things

greedy pushy needy EP - rough cuts from a basement

“4 out of 5 stars..."widow’s daughter" finds the balance between old-timey and contemporary tracks...”
- Brian F. Johnson - The Marquee


w/ love for Sarah Spinner & respect for the friendship we had. Rest in power, Sarah.